Accuracy 2014

The Eleventh International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy in Natural Resources and Environmental Science

East Lansing, Michigan, July 8-11 2014

Keynote speakers
  • William F. Porter
  • Eun-Hye Yoo – The James L. Smith Lecture
  • Joseph P. Messina
  • Pierre Goovaerts

Goovaerts P. The importance of spatial support in environmental modeling and decision-making (keynote)

Messina J.P. African Trypanosomiasis and the compounding effects of error and uncertainty on control efforts (keynote)

Porter W.F. Moore’s Law and the synchrony of revolutionary advances in the accuracy of spatial analysis (keynote)

Yoo E.H. Spatiotemporal downscaling under the volume-preserving constraint (keynote – the James L. Smith Lecture)

Doucette P., Dolloff J. and Spizler A. Experiments with fast sequential simulation for assessment of geospatial algorithms

Jing C. and Du M. Uncertainty in the spatial interpolation of urban rain gauges data

Kinley L., Foody G. and Jackson M. Assessing the accuracy of volunteered geographic information derived from habitat classification

Mei Y. and Zhang J. Effects of landscape characteristics on accuracy of land cover change detection

Vieira C.A.O., Teixeira A.B. , Prado T.C.S., Fontana F.F. and Vitto R. Assessing on estimates of biomass in forest areas

Stehman S.V. Sampling strategies for estimating accuracy and area in a long-term land-cover monitoring program

Foody G.M. Exploring the accuracy of crowdsourced annotations of post-disaster building damage derived from fine spatial resolution sensor data

Qian X., Tao K. and Wang L. Error indexing of vertices in spatial database – a case study of OpenStreetMap data

Tao K., Wang L. and Qian X. Ambiguous address locating in emergency response

Chun Y. and Griffith D.A. Impacts of positional error on spatial statistics confidence intervals

Yao N., Zhang J. and Zhang W. Estimation of probabilistic accuracy measures in remotely sensed land cover change information

Zhu L. and Cai J. Resolution model of terrestrial laser scanner

Safikhani A. and Xiao Y. Covariance tapering for anisotropic nonstationary Gaussian Random Fields with application to large scale spatial data sets

Laurent V.C.E., Saint-Geours N., Bailly J.-S. and Chéry J.P. Local urban sprawl accuracy from image segmentation uncertainties simulation

Josselin D., Michelon P., Gueye S. and Genre-Grandpierre C. A method to find the robust center for a set of demand points, based on Lp-norms and bootstrap

Gonçalves L.M.S, Fonte C.C. and Gomes R. Assessing the influence of uncertainty in land cover mapping and digital elevation models on flood risk mapping

Ariza-López F.J., Rodríguez-Avi J. and Reinoso-Gordo J.F. An approximation to outliers in GNSS traces

Ariza-López F.J. and Rodríguez-Avi J. A statistical model for positional quality control of spatial data

Ariza-López F.J., García-Balboa J.L., Alba-Fernández V., Rodríguez-Avi J. and Ureña-Cámara M. Quality assessment of the OSM data from the mapping party of Baeza (Spain)

Fernando Rios J. Conceptualizing locational uncertainty in geographic objects: towards a more balanced approach

Schmidt T., Förster M. and Kleinschmitt B. Evaluation of estimated satellite images for filling data gaps in an intra-annual high spatial resolution time-series

Herrault P.-A., Sheeren D. and Ouin A. Spatial uncertainty effects on a species-landscape relationship model in ecology

Ariza-López F.J. and Rodríguez-Avi J. Simulation for estimating the probability of positional errors greater than a tolerance in a mixture of parametric models

Saint-Geours N., Langer T., Bailly J.-S. and Grelot F. Hazard-asset spatial overlays and induced uncertainty in natural risk assessments

Bautista F., Delgado M.C. and Mejía L. Soil heterogeneity in karst soils in Yucatan, Mexico: a geostatistical approach of soil parameters

Cai, J. A multi-scale positional uncertainty model that incorporates multi-scale modeling errors

Zhou Y. and Xiao Y. Tail probability of extremes for bivariate Matérn field

Riemann R. and Wilson B. Characterization and visualization of the accuracy of FIA’s CONUS-wide tree species datasets

Pokharel G. and Deardon R. Spatially informed back-calculation for spatio-temporal infectious disease models

Cao G. A geostatistical framework for heterogeneous spatial data fusions

Fox L., Miller W., Gesink D., Doherty I., Leone P., Williams D. and Serre M. Disease mapping of syphilis in Forsyth County, North Carolina with enhanced geoprivacy and spatial resolution

Matricardi E.A.T., Pedlowski M.A., Piontekowski V.J. and Fernandes L.C. Accuracy assessment of deforestation datasets for the Amazonian state of Rondônia, Brazil

Li, X., Messina J. and Moore N. An experimental design to test for the propagation of land cover uncertainty in climate modeling

D’Antona A. de O., Bueno M.C.D. and Iwama A.Y. Environmental vulnerability indicators of the coastal slopes of São Paulo, Brazil

Ligmann-Zielinska A. Yet another MAUP: how agent-based model uncertainty and sensitivity are space-dependent

Romero B.E. Spatial outlier detection of Gaussian shapes

Wernette P. Vertical error propagation in digital surface model differencing

Hession S.L. Choosing neighbors wisely: considerations in spatial regression modeling

McRoberts R.E. and Sannier C. Complying with the uncertainty requirements of the IPCC Good Practice Guidance for estimating land cover change

McRoberts R.E. The effects of uncertainty in individual tree volume model predictions on large area estimates of forest volume


Johansen R.A. Analysis and validation of AIRS tropospheric carbon dioxide concentrations

Lee M. Comparing multiple testing methods to detect statistically more accurate spatial clusters

Khajavigodellou Y., Alesheikh A.A., Chapi K. and Hakimpour F. Simulating urban expansion through Cellular Automata model on different neighborhood size

Quigley M. and Kravchenko A. Spatial characteristics of soil aggregates under different agricultural managements

Sinha P. Analyzing the sensitivity of a spatial filter model specification when modeling land use change

Xu H., Brown D. and Brines S. Is pycnophylactic interpolation a useful method for downscaling census attributes?