Accuracy 2012

The Tenth International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Science

Florianópolis – SC, Brazil, 10-13 July 2012

The tenth symposium was held in Florianópolis – SC Brazil. The proceedings were edited by Carlos Vieira, Vania Bogorny and Artur Ribeiro Aquino.

Tenth symposium committee

Keynote speakers
  • Michael Goodchild, USA
  • Thierry Toutin, National Geographic Institute(IGN), France
  • Robert Haining,University of Cambridge, UK
  • Linda Lilburne, Landcare Research, New Zealand
Conference papers

Chun Y. and Griffith D. A. On the quality of eigenvector spatial filtering based parameter estimates for the normal probability model: implications about uncertainty and specification error for georeferenced data, pp 1-6

Lowell K., Held A., Milne T., Mitchell A., Tapley I., Caccetta P., Lehmann E. and Zhou Z. Areal sample units for accuracy evaluation of single-date and multi-temporal image classifications, pp 7-12

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Padilla M., Alonso-Canas I. and Chuvieco E. Error characterization of burned area products, pp 43-48

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Dal Poz A.P. and Fazan A.J. Snakes-based approach for extraction of building roof contours from digital aerial images, pp 55-60

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López-Vázquez C. On the interpolation algorithm ranking, pp 151-156

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