The International Spatial Accuracy Research Association (ISARA) is a research group that focuses on how to measure, model and manage uncertainty in spatial natural resource or environmental information. ISARA consists of the ISARA steering committee and a wider group of spatial accuracy researchers and practitioners.

ISARA biannually organizes a conference entitled “International Symposia on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences”, also called “Spatial Accuracy” for short. The core topics discussed within ISARA are:

  • Uncertainty in terrain modelling
  • Uncertainty in vegetation mapping
  • Navigation uncertainty
  • Spatial data quality measures
  • Uncertainty visualisation techniques
  • Uncertainty in decision making
  • Mathematical modelling of uncertainty in GIS
Steering committee
  • Ashton Shortridge(Michigan State University,USA)(Chair)
  • Lucy Bastin (Aston University, UK)
  • Gerard Heuvelink (Wageningen University, NL)
  • Yong Ge (Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CN)
  • Jean-Stéphane Bailly (Université d´Avignon, FR)
  • Rachel Whitsed (Charles Sturt University, AU)
Main organisers of past conferences
  • Yong Ge (Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CN)
  • Jean-Stéphane Bailly(AgroParisTech, FR)
  • Didier Josselin (AgroParisTech, FR)
  • Ashton Shortridge(Michigan State University, US)
  • Carlos Vieira (Departamento de Geociências, BR)
  • Nicolas Tate (University of Leicester, UK)
  • Peter Atkinson (University of Southampton, UK)
  • Jingxiong Zhang (Wuhan University, CN)
  • Yong Ge (Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CN)
  • Mário Caetano (Portuguese Geographic Institute, PT)
  • Ron McRoberts (U.S. Forest Service, US)
  • Gerard Heuvelink (Wageningen University, NL)
  • Kim Lowell (University of New Hampshire, US)
  • Todd Mowrer (U.S. Forest Service, US)
  • James Smith (Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University, US)
Acting Treasurer
  • Kim Lowell (University of New Hampshire, US)
Medal Committee

Medal committee members are appointed for a four year term, with possible extension to a second term. New members are proposed by the ISARA Steering Committee to the Conference Council (all registered members of a symposium who attend the business meeting) for approval. Committee membership preference should be given to distinguished scholars who have attended past Spatial Accuracy symposia. The Steering Committee is empowered to replace any Medal Committee Member who resigns between symposia, without obtaining the approval of the Conference Council.

The Chair of Medal Committee is also a member of the ISARA Steering Committee

Current medal committee members:

  • Gerard B.M. Heuvelink (chair), Wageningen University, Netherlands, member since 2014
  • Giles M. Foody, University of Nottingham, UK, member since 2012
  • Stephen V. Stehman, State University of New York, USA, member since 2012
  • Yee Leung, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, member since 2012
  • Ana Horta, Charles Sturt University, Australia, member since 2014